Normal map based Screen Space Distortion FIlter (SSDF)

Hi guys I made a Screen Space Distortion Filter :smiley:
It’s normal map based, and will only get rendered to objects, not cameras

You can press N to show only normal maps

  • Transformable - You can resize, rotate, or move the plane ingame
  • 3 Coordinate types - Screen based, My Algorithm based, and User defined based (like UV)

Bugs & Weakness:

  • Unfortunately using Add Object to the filtered plane will cause glitching effect
  • You have to use 2 planes to use User Defined coordinate
  • The coordinate might move little from it has to be


  • ‘SSDF’ property is a mark to state the object is a SSDF filtered object
  • ‘strength’ property will define the strength of the normal map on the object
  • ‘bumpType’ proprty is used to tell what normal map coordinate the object will (1 = Screen/Camera based, 2 = My algorithm based, 3 = User defined coordinate)
  • ‘bumpChild’ property is used for a user defined coordinate to find a normal map object having the same property name as the ‘bumpChild’s’ value


Feel free to use my Filter and modify it
I would like to see improved version of yours :wink:


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Ditto. Mark it “unlisted” instead if you don’t want it to show up in searches.

whoops, sorry guys, I forgot to publish it xD

This is awesome : D The ability to show only the normal maps helped me understand this really fast. Thanks a lot for this awesome effect ^ ^