Normal map differences between Substance Painter and Blender

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First post here, and I was hoping to get a bit of help. I’m working on a character, using Substance Painter (SP) for texturing and baking, and everything looks fine in SP. But when I apply the exported textures in Blender, after making sure roughness, metallic, and normal are all set to non-color data, I get odd shadowed render artifacts.

This is something to do with SP’s exported textures/bake, as I’ve baked normal maps as a test in Blender, and the issues vanish. Though importing those Blender baked normal maps into SP suddenly makes the same issues appear in SP. Has anyone else had similar issues, and if so, how did you resolve them?

And how she looks in Substance Painter.

This is a common problem with normalmaps as there is no standard. Usually it’s solved by inverting the green channel of the normal map.

I think there is a difference between opengl and directx. So look at the export options in SP and change normalmap to opengl if its set to directx.


Be sure Substance Painter Normal Map type is OPENGL, not DIRECTX.

For this ugly problems, we programmers always swear to Microsoft, and their absurd and non-standard implementations. When we write DirectX application, we need to re-write all matrix and vector operations.

I’ve double checked, and the project config settings are set for OpenGL, not DirectX. As one last double check I did set up a node system to separate the Green channel and invert it to test if it was a Direct X normal map, and it just made things worse.

So, I’m thinking this might be a baker issue with Substance Painter. I am using SP 2018, maybe I should just update.

Consider triangulating your meshes before baking. Different programs can triangulate quads differently, resulting in shading errors. Not sure if this is the case here, but it is a good practice and might fix this.


The eye was mirrored with the modifier in blender?

Thats right, to save on texture space. I’ve done the same for arms and legs.

Triangulating the mesh seems to have worked! I will do a few more tests first, but still, thanks everyone for the advice :smiley:

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thanks !!!