Normal Map doesn't export (FBX)

I’m having trouble importing a FBX file that I exported from blender into a different program. The scene that I’m exporting is a basic cube with a diffuse map and a normal map. When I export it, and when I open the FBX file, only the diffuse texture loads. At first I thought it was a problem with the program that was opening the FBX file but when I looked at the FBX file through Notepad, there was no data about the normal map.(I searched for “normalMapFileName.jpg” and nothing came up. I also tried “.jpg” and the only hits I got was the diffuse texture file name.) Is there something that I have to do in blender to tell it to export the normal map?

The steps that I’ve taken in blender are…

  1. Unwrap UVs
  2. in the UV Editor I press Image->Open then select my diffuse Texture
    3.Then I go to Object Mode, in the 3D scene.then to material tab
  3. Then go to texture menu, add texture, type = image, click the ‘select loaded texture’ button and select the diffuse texture that I already loaded in
  4. add new Texture, type = image, click load and load in the normal map texture. on normalMap under the map Image dialog.
  5. go back to the material menu, make sure normal map texture is checked under the texture heading. Map Input = UV Map To = NOR
  6. select the diffuse map texture and set Map Input to UV and Map To to Col (default)
  7. Export!

Am I doing everything correctly? It seems like I am? I haven’t used Blender much, so its possible.

Any help would be appreciated!

When I try and export as an FBX and select the copy images, it doesn’t copy the normal map texture. Its almost like blender doesn’t recognize that its in my project?