Normal map generation bug?

Hey gang

Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong but I think I may have come across a normal map generation bug? Basically when the map is being generated (and you can see the individual triangles being draw in the uv editor window) the triangles don’t match up leaving small artefacts. I have a simple target door model which is just a scaled cube. If you subdivide the model more you get more artefacts. Please have a look at my model. Maybe I’ve set the scene up wrong?

On another note what’s the best way of getting rid of the the ugly seams on the edges of the door? Paint them out?

thanks in advance

to get rid of the seams you just have to give the faces more space where there are seams and then make sure margin is at 2 or 3 in the bake panel, that way nothing overlaps

not sure about your other problem though

srry made a wrong post xD nvrmind xD

@mack thanks for the advice - I’ll try it out later