Normal Map Issues

Hi guys,

I’m an experienced Max user just trying to learn a bit of Blender for a project I am doing at University this year. I created a very simple crate with a slightly more detailed version that i wanted to use to create a normal map. I have followed many tutorials, all of which lead me through the same method of baking the high poly onto the low poly, but every time I bake the texture, very little of the normal detail comes through.

I’ve put the mesh in max and created a normal map using the same meshes so they aren’t the issue, I’ve also made sure that I’m selecting the low poly last which is another issue others have had, so I’m stumped at this point.
Any help would be awesome :slight_smile:

If you scene is like the bottom image you won’t get a proper normal map because the objects are not in the same location.

If that doesn’t help post a link to your blend file

They are in the same location, I just separated them so that people could see the intended result

Give us your blend file

Crate2.blend (1.01 MB)

Heres the file I’m currently using


File for you to look at

Adding a bevel modifier (a quick option rather than manually doing it) to the high res object to get some normal difference on the edges gives (bias set to 0.2)

Tried what you suggested, got a better result but still nowhere near what i would expect it to show, I really don’t understand what it is I am doing wrong, I follow every instruction on the tutorials and it still doesn’t work. My max normal map came out similar to yours which is what I would expect to see.

Blend file attached


Crate3.blend (332 KB)

Ok I’ve looked through you’re file and still cant see any obvious differences to mine, I tried baking your file and it worked first time. I had a look at the texture and it was 2048 x 2048 which is not what I needed so i changed it back to 512 x 512 and suddenly… no normal data once again. Is there a reason i can’t have a 512 x 512 normal map or is this just a bug in my program at the minute?