normal maps in ge

hi, i would like to recreate the texture effects shown in this thread, but i dont have any idea, where to start…if someone could post some tutorials, how to achieve this, that would be great…basicaly, i wanna make a cube with gsls shaders, i know, that for this, i have to use normal maps (i think). so…how? i mean, how to load the normal map texture into the ge, how to set up with the lights, and how to apply this with the texture map, how, how, how? :slight_smile:
thx for reply.

ok, i found this to create normal maps, and use them with the scanline renderer, but how put you this into the ge? is this possible?

that way dosent work. you’ll need a python script and you will have to create the normalmaps, ie. with gimp normalmap plugin. for some reason it always gave me a script error: “cant find [“obcube2”]”

and remember to set the normalmap map input to Tangent. and put map to to NOR.

thx for the reply zuker12, but i have a few more questions…why the hell scripting? :frowning: im totally sucking at scripting, there is no other way?
is there any script on the net, or i have to create it by myself? i mean, i have to create normal maps with this script, or i have to use this script with my normal map within the ge to get it work?

well, personally i don’t know, ask the developers. and there is no other way.
(or a way i might know)

download the graphics demos, i cant remember the link but take a search on the forum “graphics demos” or something like that. there’s the script.

ok, if anyone is interested in this things, should check out this two thread…



thx zucker12 for help :slight_smile:

while on this topic I… I am playing araound with the new bumpmapping features, but when I run the game all my textures are completley gray?
Im using the same script as the demo graphics parralax bumpmaping

whats your hardware

i think i heard that some computers it does not work on.

and if this has anything to do with it, all the demos that i download from the blender site lose there textures when i play them:(

I have an ati radeon xpress 200 with amd 64 dual core… I do see the bump mapping its just that the textures sre almost completely gray

does it have proper lighting\

dont know much about this though since ive never tried to use it:o

it only has a small lamp like the demo (its called fear.blend)

uploaded a link