Normal painting

Can normals be painted by hand on an imported normal map rgb image in Blender.
Tuts, on this anywhere?
Or can normals only be painted by hand using the height way in blender. IDK what it uses…like a heightmap way! Color values on a grey image.

To avoid baking over and over just because I want to paint some normals the regular way…on a rgb image.

It seems to work with stencil also…would like to use the brush…

It’s not a typical rgb image where values represent color. In a tangent basis normal map the value that is saved on the image channel represents surface direction and I would suggest not to go poking them with a brush. Changing them would require a program that can create and maybe combine normal maps from an image, and even that isin’t as accurate as baking it from the geometry.

What might help is to use both a normal map and a bump map. Bump and displacement maps are what you could paint.

ok…well, can mess with some displacement as well and see how that goes. Baking then :confused: !!..thx…