Normal pass missing blue channel?


The normal pass out of Blender’s (2.48a) compositor seems to be missing the blue channel. All I get is information on the red and green channels.

Is this a bug or can the blue channel be created from the red and green?

I’ve searched the forums and can’t find a specific answer to this question.



what exactly do you mean? from which node? the render layers node does not have an RGB output. I havn’t seen any issues with that, so please post the node in question, and possibly a screenshot.

~sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Here is some more detail…

This is the kind of map I need:

This is what they normally look like in blender (no blue channel):

Here are the separate channels, as you can see, no blue:

Because blender’s compositor works in float, I had a suspicion that the information was set to a different range… I was right:

The only problem now is that the x and y channels each need to be inverted for what I need (I need the red on the right, and the green on the top). I have no idea how to do this.

I also don’t know why the values were not normalized to start with, but there might be a good reason for that.

Any help with these new issues would be great. Thanks.


Figured out how to fix this issue using the compositing nodes.

Article and Blend file are availabe here:

Hope this can help you out :wink: