Normal Shader on 2.8 - Not working like 2.79?

I found a normal shader for 2.79

And then I replicated it on 2.8:

I´d like to know what else do I need to setup so the colors will display like in 2.79.

All right, fixed it by setting it to Mapping>Texture. Works. But what about the box?
Why am I getting other colors that don´t look like the ones on Suzanne?
How can I setup the shader so I get equal shades of “normal” on the walls, floor and ceiling?

Normals maps are vectors encoded in a RGB format… Changing a ‘shade’ of a normal, is something that has no meaning at all…, it will only make that normal vector to point somewhere else.
In the case of your box, just grab any of those colors you don’t like, convert the normal to World space, and you’ll see that the end result is the same normal of the faces you’re rendering… (perhaps instead of a cube, you want an hollow piramid…)
Just remember, Normal maps aren’t meant to be aesthetically pleasant! Their values are mathematical values compressed to a limited color space, nothing more.

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Thanks! I progressed on this. On render it corresponds to the cube depth.