Normalien du Tezaar (from BI to Cycles)

Hi All,

in 2006, i made a picture that was an attempt to get something with a NPR look. This was done with BI

Now i am about to “port” this picture to cycle. I think i get closer, still some tweaks to do.

Well, still WIP,

Differents colors (less composite) a few more rocks. Still diggin…

ooOOops, i forgot the smoke !

Nice! Have you played around with Freestyle at all? I ask as Freestyle is, well, intended for NPR and might be fun (not that cycles isn’t fun either :D)


there is a bit of freestyle, but very thin lines. I made some “close-up”.

(and added some dust)

Ok, done.

Some more freestyle et small effects in compositor.

Not a wip anymore, i won’t go further.

the finished project :

great use of color, gotta extract that scheme :wink: the composition is great too. Has a very high over all level

Hi quedepi, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Now i’d like to move this thread to “finished project”, but i don’t know how.
Maybe i should start a new thread.

i love the original 2006 render - the warmth and subtle colors of the sand dunes are fantastic! some of that was lost in the conversion to Cycles, but the inclusion of the rocks makes it interesting, also. did you use the Toon Shader on the rocks/dunes?

beautiful illustration!

really good!! can u share ur work process or screen shots of nodes…



In short:

1 : very basic modeling
2 : no texturing, just vertex color paint
3 : one lamp, one (toon) shader (the same for all meshes). In this case, it works. Here, the direct render in 3D view
4 : “raw” render from cycle
5 : added some smoke, a thin line with freestyle (edges render does the same) and color corrections in compositor

I think the 2006 render had some glare effect (added in sequencer). I didn’t try for the new one…