Normals and UVs


I’m sure there is an easy solution to this problem.

I have a cube, that I used smartUVProject to unwrap.

I applied my texture and, but when I invert the normals, and have deselected double sided, it still renders as if the faces are pointing outwards.

Any thoughts?


If you only want to have a material on one side of a face you can use material nodes, a material for one side, a transparent material for the other side and a geometry node to set which material is on which side of the face
See attached blend file for example.

This is for the blender internal renderer


front-back.blend (278 KB)

Thanks Richard.

I got it to work somewhat. I see it working in the node editor, but it’s not reflected in the 3D window, and after I made a few tweaks, it renders without any textures at all.

Ultimately, I’m looking to make a box, with one side glass, so you can see through to an image on the back face.