normals for dummys

Hey guys! I am not very good with 3d animation.

At the moment i try to map some textures on a imported mesh… the color works fine but i dont know how to map the normals_s.dss and the nomrals_rxbg.dss.

All i know about normals is that they somehow say the mesh what side is in and what side is outside…
I also managed to find out that xrbg.dss has something to do with swapping the red and alpha channel

I have not even a idea how to swap the red and alpha channels =(

This dss file format, what is it? Which modeler use this format? Is it used in the game? I don’t think you can use it as it is as a normal map image in Blender.

Yes they are from Heroes of Newerth…

what exactly they do see
Sry but i barely understand it…