Normals won't change

I don’t understand it, i tell them to recalculate inside, no change, recalculate outside, no change, and tried flipping them but still nothin happened, anyone any ideas? thanks to anyone who replies :eyebrowlift:

Sorry to anyone whos answered, i saved and they changed, stoopid things…

Sometimes it is easy to get a duplicate of your object as well. you may be changing normals on only one copy and not realize it.

If this ever happens again and Ctrl + N doesn’t work (Which happens) This is how to fix it. There are three ways about doing this. First, you can hit the Auto-Smooth button in the Edit Panel (F9). That should clean it up in the render only.

There other way is the the edge split modifier. It does the same thing as the auto-smooth function but you can see the result in the 3D viewport.

And last you can select the faces that are causing problems and click W >> Flip Normals. That should get them corrected. Hope this helps!