I’m having some trouble with the normals on a model I’m working on. I try to recalculate, and it doesn’t help, it just makes it worse. And if I try to do it manually, it will take hours. Is there some onther way of doing this? Seriously, who the hell came up with this normals sh** anyway?

Yes, this is a pain in the ass. Try removing doubles. Sometimes that’s part of the problem. Otherwise, recalculating mostly works, but as you say, not always. I’ve been there…and it’s a crappy neighborhood. You can also try the “Select Similar” function. Shift-g or ctrl-g, can’t remember witch without looking. It will help you select lots of incorrectly facing normals at once. Sometimes. Good luck…

Am I missing something here? I never have a problem with normals. Yes I have them pointing in the wrong direction but highlight everything and hit Ctrl N in edit mode. Problem fixed.

Can you post the .blend and a picture. I will see what I can do!

try in object mode to ctrl A the object this might help to do the trick


Thanks for the help.
The problem with selecting all of them is that there is so many it would take FOREVER, and its kind of hard to get them right anyway; its hard to tell if I’m switching some of them to the right way, or changing them to the wrong.

wold be nice to sse it the model in wirefrmae if possible
if you have non-manifold or concave faces that can complicate things a lot !

I fixed the normals, now I have a more annoying problem. My model is flat one the side, but when I hit the make smooth button, you can see the lines from the faces when I render it. How can I fix that?

You are reading my mind man. The set smooth needs options!!! The way to fix the flat side issue is to set that as solid. However, I know what you mean. Set smooth often makes quite dark, streaky gradations. It’s really all about how you model. It’s extremely finicky.

Ok first of all start posting some images or attach blend files so that the people actually see what you are talking about. It is hard to know what the exact problem is just from writing.
Set Smooth works perfectly allright. The problems you are seeing are caused by edges that are supposed to be hard. A solution is to either use the edgesplit modifier or to use Autosmooth. The modifier gives you more control.
Read the manual for information:

Yes, autosmooth works fine in renders, but not in real time.

Tried everything, can’t get it. Got pics though!
Any help is appreciated.

Add edge loops through the problem areas. Just select an edge, press K, and select Edge Loop. That should smooth out a lot. Also, in the places where you have 2 edges very close together, moving them farther apart may help as well.

Mostly, just experiment to see where an edge will help the best. (I use Undo a LOT).
But your basic problem is that the underlying mesh isn’t providing enough support for Set Smooth. Adding some well placed edges should cure the worst of it, if not all.

Also, for large flat areas, select those faces and Set them to Solid. Instant fix.

don’t frget to make your edge sharp also
and try the edge split modifier it should work fine