Norman : free rig

I made a rig for Norman

Features :

  • Ik legs
  • Ik/Fk arms
  • stretch
  • full facial rig
  • different kind of hairs

If you want to try it, you can download from :
(right click and “save as…” )

cool I will check it out

Loolarge did one earlier this year - but it wasn’t complete

Hi waylow,
Yes, I took the mesh with shapekeys from Loolarge’s blendfile.

Would love to have you share this on

Pretty cool. You might want to consider making the bone layer with the lower body action controllers visible by default, but other than that there’s really nothing i can think of to improve on it.

hey Kioppa,

I haven’t animated with it yet - but the python file doesn’t seem to be working fully
it only displays the bone layers and none of the rig properties
I’m using 2.56a (the SVN)

also there seems to be a bug with the tongue when you turn his head to the side, the tongue rotates a weird way

I did find the different hair styles :slight_smile:
good work mate

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

CrazyDave : normaly, all the controls you need for the legs are on the ‘N’-panel. It’s the reason why the layer is not visible by default. But I can change this.

Waylow : I fixed the tongue. I uploaded the new rig (revision #2) with the same address. You can download it again.
The python script works with me, I use the official 2.56 on ubuntu. I don’t know for the SVN.

Just tried it out here, win xp, svn 34076 and it’s working fine. what build you using waylow?


Mac OSX 10.6.6 - SVN 34574

and here is the tongue and python error

wicked cant wait to get home and try this baby :smiley: just in time for the neww 11 second club comp too :smiley:

ha ha …as always, the same fellows making easy things look complicate. What about creating an Animation Clip of the new character to show us if the rig works or not? What sense would it make to make a car, distribute it if it has never been tested in at least a decent road?

Sorry your intentions are good but un-practical, this confuses newbies, the final intention of any rig is fluent and practical-quick animation for beginners as well as advanced Blender users, RIGHT? Well you are missing that little detail ! TEST TEST and more Animation tests !

Many free RIGS around that no one uses for Animation because they are too complicated to “ANIMATE”, sorry guys just trying to help.

BTW: What about something different? A cartoon, an animal…there are hundreds of meshes like that one around the world, why don’t be a bit different?

Python errors in a simple bipedal Robotic model??? The problem is with the musicians no with the instruments, :slight_smile:


there is a reason why Norman is one of the most popular rigs in the World
but you wouldn’t understand

please don’t try to incite a response

Hi, I just upload the new revision of the rig, #3. Always the same address :
(right click and “save as…” )

Now, I fixed the tongue ( I think ! )
waylow : I don’t have any error in the console, but if I understand your error, I have to add a ‘.’ in the bl_idname ? I did that, could you tell me if it works now.

funktioncurve : Yes, I will be proud if you use the rig for the 11secondclub competition.

I am still working on my version :smiley: Should be ready soon


it was just an opinion, take it easy Mister, you must be open to critics, that’s what Forums are for, to share knowledge and thoughts !

Why to reinvent the wheel? Python errors? You must be kidding me !

Good Luck anyways with your project guys !

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice one Kioppa,

I will be testing this rig extensively over the next few weeks
I let you know if I find anymore bugs.

I have been playing some with Norman v3 and I have to say that everything works really well. Facial controls make for a very animatable and expressive character.

Also, I had fun playing with different hairs and hats. Cool add-on for already cool character.


links are broken care to reupload?

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