(Felix Kütt) #21

In that case it looks like the first letter is cutoff. :wink:

(Thunder71) #22

So much talent here!!!

(Kelthor) #23

There’s some funky scale stuff going on and I’m not sure your intent with the plane outside the window fully comes across (looks like an actual plane passing though, which doesn’t make logical sense). But that aside, the TONE and lighting of this piece is spot on. Gives me that warm glow of nostalgia.

I love the Dark Souls 3 VHS boxart, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. That sort of combination of new/retro is appealing to me.

(Aotuhm) #24

Sweet old days :smiley: Great ambience, I like the lighting :wink:

(Tatjana Tjorn) #25

It’s remind me of good old days with PS1.

(Faisal Jamal) #26

ahh favorite gifts for my kids … redstorm scientific

(DevDragon) #27

Love the Kreator-sticker. Could’ve been my room back in the day.

(Adriana do Prado Lisboa Siqueira) #28

Really nice!
Where did you render and made the light effects? They added a really nice touch in this scene ^^.

(0o00o0oo) #29

Really well done! I’ve never had any of these items and it makes me feel nostalgic. Evocation of such emotion I’d say makes your piece a success.

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(Iago) #30

Blender compositor and photoshop

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(Katlego Monama) #31

awesome work.


Aphex Twin on audio cassette… whatever next!

(Jedidiah Mawutor Godlove) #33


(Karl Beiler) #34

A lot of attention to detail here. Really good composition too. Great job all over. :+1:

(Allen) #35

Wow, the render of the donkey kong cartridge is incredible. So real looking. Great work, and great inspiration for a noob like me.

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(shashu) #36

It reminds me of my kiddie days and i’m not that old ;). Me and my siblings would take turns, playing Sega Rom games. And then we would fight for few more extra minutes 'cause our ma would shout at us “It’s time to Study!!!”.

Thanks it’s beautiful.