(Iago) #1

(pixelgrip) #2

fantastic,love it,beams me back in time.iirc the shell from the C64 was more rounder.great realism look too.

(Wasfi Akab) #3

For the exception of the Playboy magazine, THAT’S Me behind the desk :+1:

(alf0) #4

damn this is good

(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

You’re #featured! :tada:

(I did have to remove the #modeling tag to make space for the #featured tag :wink:


I love it! (by ‘it!’ i mean the clay render)
But, um, why is there an ash tray by the computer?
Does the person like to smoke while playing?
I like the DARK SOULS III box by the way. :slight_smile:

(Lucas Falcao) #7

Pretty nice !

(I can only make cubes) #8

Very very good work.

(Artstallion) #9

Love this render. Except for that, ahem, magazine.

(yogyog) #10

Loving this render… I’m slightly confused by the Dark Souls III retro box art… just because it’s the only retro-currect mashup in the scene - though American Psycho is later than anything else in the scene. Only one thing - should the screen have a curved front?

(ViAdvena) #11

Sweet work! But do not smoke!

(4096) #12

Very realistic rendering and good composition. I think the window is too bright, the cigarettes look too shiny and the music board looks kind of cartoonish. The curtains look a bit too straight vertically. Other than that, it’s very good.

(Felix Kütt) #13

I’m not sure that’s the title of the magazine. :rofl:

(Felix Kütt) #14

Me thinks 'tis retro-wave not a photo from the past.

(anma2308) #15

Nice try but you should recheck the dimensions and rethink the physics.

(Indy_logic) #16

This is really great! But, don’t you think the keyboard is a bit small compared to the video cassettes?

EDIT: Actually, now that I look at it, it looks like the video cassettes are to large for the rest of the room.

EDIT2: Actually, I agree with @anma2308. It looks like you just need to check the dimensions of these objects in the real world. Keyboard is way to small, cassettes are way to large, Nintendo carts are large, etc. It’s really bothering my eye having seen all these objects in the real-world.

(Slartibartfast) #17

This is so good…and me being born in the mid-70’s…this is right up my alley my friend. I love the charm in this comp.

I’m sure you know about the site CLASSIC RELOAD? All of your old games, playable right there in your browser…so cool. I literally just loaded up the classic M&M to remember the feel…thank you.

(Maurice Raybaud) #18

Awesome !!! <3 I wish I could toy with the blend one day to see what it looks like with other renderers ! The scene is really emotional and light is full of love… clever shading, texturing and compositing tricks.

(Rjay47) #19

It is :smile:

(yogyog) #20

That’s not a keyboard - that’s a Commadore 64! :wink: