This is my little project about time and it’s effects on us. How we hold onto things and can’t let go. This scene is completly made in Blender cycles, i used lots of assets from different sources, otherwise o couldn’t create such detailed scenes.
The music is composed by Nvidias Aiva ai, really impressive what todays AI can do!
Down below you’ll find the story to my video and some extra photos! Enjoy!!!

Time is passing, no matter what. Sometimes you hold onto things, whose time is alreads up.
We like to remind ourselves of the good old days, how everything was perfect back then, we remember the good things, but rarely the bad memories, „the sun shined brighter“, „life wasn‘t as cruel“‘ „everything was more enjoyable back then“ and lots of other forms of how we sweeten the past. We don‘t like the future as much as the past, because humans are scared of the unknown, we want to seek shelter in things, we‘re already familiar with, just like our past…


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