This piece depicts our childhood memories and how they slowly fade away.

How much can you remember?

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I think I still been a child, even I have more than 20 years, childhood can be in our hearts every day of our lives if we let it but yes, I remembered some things after seen your topic.

Aww, that’s great to hear, juanrav. Cheers, man.

A very aptly named, and somewhat sad image, reynante. It’s good to be reminded of these things we’ve forgotten. The ceiling seems very low, probably the way a place from your childhood would feel if you were to go back.

I love it…well done…

Thanks, James. Yes, there’s this bit of claustrophobic feeling I have when I try to remember my childhood. Though in a sense, this one is a bit exaggerated. :wink:

Thanks, man.

  • Reyn

Awesome style and lovely colors! Good job! :slight_smile:

I love the mood of this picture! Excellently executed :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Again the mood of the image is awesome.
I like the cartoonish kind of exaggeration in the proportion of the room.

The one thing that distracts me is that my eyes always seem to focus on the closet.
Can’t expalin why. Maybe the texture of the wood.

Great job. You are a real storyteller Reynante.

Thank you so much, Bart.

Hmmm, now that you mention, I’m involuntarily looking at that too. :wink: It’s probably due to the focal composition of the scene (baseboards direction and the chair’s leg pointing direction).

Cheers! :slight_smile:

  • Reyn

I like it! for some reason the objects the textures the left sides looks how videogame or even a hand made illustration!



i love the colors and subtle particles

Thank you, José! I’m glad you noticed that. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Reynante, your art inspires introspection and thought. Great job.

Thank you so much, sir. Best comment I’ve received today. Thanks for making my day. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen your work quite often, and your art has a distinct style!

Thanks, sirs. :slight_smile:

very cool! love the colors on this

Thanks! :slight_smile: