Not a feature, but possible a simple improvement...

Often I need to interupt a translation action because I need to know what the current pivot is set to, or what transform orientation I’ve chosen.
All because this informations simply disapears when a translation action is startet. And of course, because of my poor short term memory.:o

But why is blender hiding this information from me ?

As there is plenty of space in the lower header bar when just the translation values are shown - I asked myself many times if the pivot and orientation settings better could be still visible there too, just for informative purposes ?

If you like the idea please support it.

Greetings Martin

I just use two windows.

Hello stilltrying

You mean like this ? (Image 1+2)
Nice idea but then you got 2 times just the same informations, most of the time.
I thought more about some improvement like in image 3. Just like a small additional info to this info bar, appears during actions.
Just for example, of course there could be more infos of interest then just the current pivot settings and transform orientation.

BTW - There’s not always plenty of space in that info bar, as I said before.
Current action here is “Inset Faces”. Kind of worst case, in terms of info lenght, but still room for some small additional infos.

I also was thinking about - how if the info bar popping up in addition to the common ‘bottom bar’ ?
This could then look like in image 1 too. But then the entire 3D View would need to be scaled down temporarily, or the lower part of the 3D View would be hidden under the popping up info bar. I guess booth this would be quite confusing and unsuitable.


I see your issue. I typically work with two or three windows open on a large screen TV plus another monitor so I have plenty of space. Here is a screenshot of my work on one monitor. I work in the separate window and move it all over the place. while I keep the base blender as a behind reference. It would be neet to be able to toggle that to any window header or turn it off in user pref.