Not all bones saved in Pose Library


I’m animating a bow that can collapse into a sword, so I’m using the Pose Library to store a pose for each form. I selected all the bones to use in making the pose, but when I try to apply the pose afterward, not all of the bones move the way they’re supposed to.

Here is the Bow Mode:

This is the Blade Mode, which is also the Armature’s rest position:

And here is what happens when I try to apply the Bow Mode pose. The only bone that moves are the limbs and the bowstring. Everything else stays in place:

I’ve read some posts that the Pose Library doesn’t work with bones with the prefix “DEF” in their names, but none of the bones have this prefix. Can someone help me?

Without seeing your file it is difficult to comment, but…

What I do to use a Pose Library:

  1. Select ALL bones in REST position and add new pose, whether they are used or not. Click Add New, give it a name (“Rest” is good).

  2. Pose bones as required for next pose, select ALL bones, click Add New, give it a name.

  3. To use the pose, select ALL bones, click the Apply icon.

This always works for me, try this, otherwise post the file for us to look at.

Cheers, Clock.

Yes Clock is correct. You are missing a start pose. You can check your action editor in the dope sheet for your pose library to see what bones you actually have a mark on. But the pose library needs a starting base. Usually the rest pose. Then pose your bones and add the new one.

Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply.

I couldn’t get Clock’s solution to work… I created a pose for the rest position and the ending pose as specified, but I’m getting the same issue when either pose is applied. Upon closer inspection it looks like there are four bones whose rotations aren’t being saved, according to the dope sheet. These bones are Riser.T, Riser.B, Hilt.T, and Hilt.B. I’ve included the armature for the bow below. Thanks again.

BowArmature.blend (563.3 KB)

first thing delete the poses and pose library you have. Clear all transforms.
Alt A,S, AND G
Change your riser T and riser B to euler.
You only need these two bones so put them in a bone group so you can easily select them.
Select your bone group.
New pose library. name it something.
Hit plus and new and call it rest
Rotate your two riser bones. Select your bone group.
Plus key ADD NEW and call it whatever.
now you work. Select your pose and click the little magnifying glass “apply specific pose”

I think this might have to do with unapplied rotations when you built your rig. You have it rotated 90 degrees on y. Once you do that, you have to WATCH all the QUATERNION rotations or they just go off to never never land. Sometimes it’s the locked transforms. Just because you lock them doesn’t meant the quats don’t try to use them. they do in the world of the matrix. So it just assumes you don’t want those channels for some reason. BowArmature-6.blend (479.6 KB)


Thank you very much! That worked perfectly!