Not another fps!

Title basically explains it. there is a problem with making the gun appear, though. Heres the file:


criticize all you want.

Yeah, I never saw the gun. Nice scenery.

nice where did u get texturse like that there perfect, did u make them

jat - There are a lot of sites out there with free textures available. I personally like Frank’s Textures, a site that Social introduced me to. I’ll put together a list of other sites someday…

does anyone know how to fix the gun problem?

I created all but a few textures by myself.

is that block with a block connected to it the gun?:confused:

yes, i wanted to get all the logic down first. I have a good model of a Red 9, though.

I will refer to the gun object on the floor as the “gun item” and the gun object parented to the camera as the “display gun”

You have the gun item trying to set the display gun’s property “gun”, but an object cannot directly access another object’s properties with logic bricks.

Attach the property actuator setting the “gun” property on the display gun and just link with the gun item’s controller(or use the message actuator/sensor to send a “has gun” message instead of linking).

As a side note, you have so many static mesh objects(trees, fences ect.) you should join them into one object to increase performance. Enabling Display Lists or Vertex Arrays will also increase performance.
The scene looks nice, good work.

File looks really awesome ms-dos. I would reccomend smoothing out the landscape a little. Pointy edges can cause bouncy movement with the character. I personally liked the fence texture… That was awesome. I would create a character model for the game before I concerned myself about the gun… But that is just my opinion… Good work and happy blending…

When i downloaded it there was nothing in it, 0KB thats the second time savefile has done that >.<

nice looking secenery tho, cool