Not creating a new layer when i transform or scale aselection in GIMP ?

Is there a way to not creating a new layer when i transform a selection or rotate a selection in Gimp ?

Is anoying. it creates a new layer , i want that it keeps being the same layer.

any ideas ?

thanx !

whilst “active” the selection is “floated”… this isn’t really a new layer, it’s in a kind of limbo…

when the operation is finished the stuff that has been acted on remains floated…then you must decide what to do with it…

If you hit the “anchor” button in the layers panel it gets un-floated and will be in the layer that it started on…
if you hit the “page with a + in the corner” icon the floated part becomes a new layer…

that’s jsut the way it is.

its a shame that we have to do unecessary steps that makes us loos time with things like this.

in photoshop you select something rotate it and you are done.

but thanx very much for the tip i used to do a new layer instead of anchoring it , anchoring is faster , but still an unecesary step.

I think even Photoshop requires you to “commit” the change–click the check mark. Perhaps the button is more conveniently located than the anchor in GIMP, but it is the same number of steps.

No, it’s an extra step in GIMP.

The “floating layers” are a holdover from the days when GIMP didn’t have layers. They need to go, but the GIMP devs probably don’t have the resources to rewrite as much of the code as it would take to get rid of them.

I think it’s more to do with the fact that in blender, layers are real objects with size etc. where as in photoshop they are more abstract.

Gimp’s transforms are only done with layers, to to perform an operation on a selection, you have to pull it out into a separate layer first. Since layers are more abstract in photoshop, performing a transform on a selection is no different that performing it on a layer.

I think the floating layer is going to change a lot in 2.7 / 2.8 because the projection code has been ported over to GEGL.

I hope they get better.