not necessarily AutoCAD

Surprisingly not much has been written here about alternative software for AutoCAD.

I am architect and early on I was searching for other lower cost options for AutoCAD
because we didn´t want to update our licenses for expensive money all the time.
Then we came across ProgeCAD PRO, which now replaces AutoCAD in our daily work

Have a look here:

you get it for 10% of the price of an AutoCAD license.

Last year we planned an elderly people home with 3000 m2 gross area, we used
ProgeCAD to do working and detail drawings in conjunction with other ingenieurs which
used AutoCAD, no compatibility problems occurred.

We have been experimenting for some years now how to get dxf drawings into Blender and
we had found work arounds with external 3D converters which translated 3ds or dxf files
into Lightwave format *.lwo files. With the newest version of the dxf importer script byEd Blake
and Remigiusz Fiedler this is now obsolete.

To import to Blender directly, just choose all solids with the filter command and explode them
then save the file as AutoCAD release 11/12 ASCII (dxf) and import it with the up mentioned
dxf importer into Blender.

Make sure that you don´t work in millimater units but meterunits.

WTF? :smiley: :eyebrowlift2: (Psst… In our neck of the woods we call 'em engineers. They don’t spell that well either.)

Good tips, walt. This is one of the better Intellicad-based AutoCAD clones out there. For those who need it for “hobby” level stuff, try the free ProgeCAD Smart. For mechanical 2D detailing work (with full associativity - as far as you can take that in 2D) use Siemens’ free SolidEdge 2D. For mechanical 3D for free (limited) or cheap (powerful full-associative parametric) use Alibre or CoCreate (non-history-based). And there are others out there to be had! Enjoy!

BTW, walt, does ProgeCAD have a 3DSOUT command or similar 3DS export capability for solid models? Just wondering.

Hi Mzungu,
there is no *.3ds output in ProgeCAD, but there is an excellent converter
if you need your model to be in *.3ds. Check AccuTrans3D from here

By the way Progecad will be compiled to run under Linux at least this is Progesofts long terme goal for around 2011.