"Not so bright future"

Made with Blender and composited in Photoshop .

Rendered with Cycles at 180 samples in 40 minutes with my GPU .

The scene is made from 6750 objects , 700k faces in total and took around 3 hours to make.


wow, very unsettling. Great render and colour…

amazing and impressive
did you use particle system to place them ? or did you placed them by hand !!!

Great work

bleak and moody; just how i like my dystopia! im curious as to how all this was modeled, like did you use array modifiers and/or particle systems? regardless, this is all pretty great, and i hope to see more of this world! btw, the roofs on the bottom left look too similar, but thats just a lil pet
peeve from me :]

Thanks! I used a simple particle system for a distribution.

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Thanks! I used a really simple hair particle system.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bartv!

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Good job showing what a possible future there might be.


I think with slightly better light you would have nailed it. Good work anyway, interesting concept!

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