(not so) Tiny House

I’ve modeled this wooden house, the terrain, I’ve tried to avoid texture repetitions on each planks of wood, so I move randomly all uv island, I know there’s some more efficients ways to do that, but the result is good (with geometry node for example, but I have to figure it out)
After that, I’ve scattered a lot of things, there’s some trees from botaniq, and a lot of weeds, ferns etc… And few rocks from megascan (:heart:)
And I put flowers on the roof… Because it’s nice… :blush:
Feel free to ask if you have any question !


Very nice, I would not mind living there at all :slight_smile:


Looks cool!. I’d like to see more views! What is your way of lighting the scene?

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Thank you Bart ! Same for me :blush:

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Thank you very much ! I got no time for rendering these two next days, but I will render one or two more views soon !
For the lightning, I’ve used an hdri (from hdri haven) and I always put a gamma node beetwen the environnement map and the background node, then I push a little bit the gamma, and adjust the strength of background !!

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Okay, got it. Lighting + green really looks very realistic. Thanks for the info!

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Verny nice wooden house :slight_smile: nice lighting

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Thank you !!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Yeaaah ! Thank you very much !!

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Looks great! Do you mind sharing you glass node setup please?

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yes of course ! i do glass shader for archviz like this

I use the metallic value to control the reflections, and set the alpha under 1 to let the light pass thru !
I also set the ior to 1 to avoid any deformation or shift.
It’s not physically accurate, but i have every control I need on it, to have the look i want !


Hey Vincent!

This image is beautiful! Could you share your Terrain and Scatter workflow, love to
try this!


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Thank you very much !!

Yes of course here is some screenshots :

I’ve sculpted a subdivised plane that I duplicate two times around the scene, applied a rocky/grassy texture on it, (with the displacement, I use the adaptive subdivision for that).

Then I’ve scattered some low polytrees on it (not so much it’s essentially for windows reflections and backgound) :

i put manually some highpoly trees (from botaniq) on the main terrain, composing my camera view
(you can see them on the two first screenshots above)

then i cut a part of my main terrain, like a foregroung and background (according to my camera view)
you can see the separation on this screenshot :

On the backgroung part I use the scatter addon with grass/rock assets, and scatter some weeds from megascan, and puts some shrubs here and there.
On the foregroung part, i put more green grass, and ferns.

And it’s basically thats all I did !!

Sorry, my english is probably not perfect, but if it’s understandable I’m happy !

This is great to see!

And your English is just fine! :slight_smile:


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