Nothing At All

Quite Empty

More lights. Can hardly see the details as it is. The feet look weird imo, and different from each other (unless its just me, but one seems flat and the other rounded).

Yea I see where you are coming from. On the one to the left of the screen. The left foot (his left) looks flat but his right foot (his right) looks rounded. Might just want to do the feet over again to make ti right.

Awfully Empty

Camera angle it was. I would also suggest adding a texture on top of that, maybe clouds or something (and maybe a noise on top of it) to create imperfections in the skin, like dots and darker/lighter spots on the skin and stuff, y’know you could make them blue/green or blue/yellow. Just a suggestion.

Ah… Still empty.

I would recommend some textures and (if you have time) rigging with a good pose

Completely Empty