nothing than background appears on render (partly solved)

What happend here? With internal render i just get a plain background - here blue. But in yafray objects appear but as suppossed or better known darkly. Or where is a guide to a basic lightsetup just to get lit it up to ‘see’ something? i know so far some spotlights and a sun for beginning. and in render this window and camerview all is there.:confused:

aaargh my own inpatience and ever getting slightly in panic had me blindfolded for self getting what was wrong or so. lol
i had had to do with render layer i had No. 1 on but actually all i wanted where on number 2 maybe i had seen it earlier but the objects on the first layer werent in view of camera so i go further on for lightsetup but one for modelling not for actually a finall scenery.