November 17 Leader?

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I still don’t know if this would be of any interest to anyone here, but I still feel happy about this, so I am going to post it anyway.

Latest news from the antiterrorist front in Greece: Authorities in Greece have arrested and being interrogating a 63 years old mysterious man called Alexandros Giotopoulos, who is claimed to be one of the (if not the ONE) leader of the terrorist organization called: Revolutionary Organization November 17. Alexandros Giotopoulos is the son of Dimitris Giotopoulos who in the 1930’s had formed in Paris a Trotskyists Political Organization which was so hard cored, that even Leon Trotsky himself had rejected them.

A. Giotopoulos, was borned in Paris and for the last years was acting in Greece with a false identity, under the name Michalis Economou.

Police claims that, even though he hasn’t confessed yet, his fingerprints have been found in one of the organizations hide outs and that the others so far arrested members have identified him us their leader.

If you want to read more about it go to:

And for a very good description of the organization November 17:


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I wonder, why is it that every time I hear good news about Blender, there’s always good news about “November 17”? :wink:

Hey Ton, I suppose you haven’t made any secret agreement with Greek Police in order to free Blender (he, he, he… just a joke), haven’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: