Now i met Custom handles entries on bendy bones disappearing

I found this post

I met this problem today.

I think this is a bug in first time.

But i have two different character model.

I tested the two files separately.

I create a new blend file append Name “A” character model then i save this file and close this file.

Then i reopen the file, it custom handles entries on bendy bones can work well no disappear.

But Name “B” character model i do same,then i reopen file it custom handles entries on bendy bones disappearing…

Now i am confused that I have a mistake when I am rig or is this a bug?

And this Name “B” character model file I can’t share publicly…

Can someone give me some advice why custom handles entries on bendy bones disappearing…???

What version blender are u on? And release date?

2.8 0426version,I know that it is not very stable now, so I report this.

oh right thats pretty recent. Yeah i ask because my issue was fixed when i upgraded from an old 2.80 version.

I did notice that there was a difference if i added the custom handles in edit mode vs pose mode. From memory i think adding it in edit mode stuck. While adding in pose mode didnt. But im pretty sure they fixed this…

Strip out everything but the armature. Surely you can share that.