Now I need company names [post #9]

Your joking right?

yes i was … it’s only $1000 / day (not per hour)


per day? ahhh some earn less than a grand a week and your saying 1000buks for one day!!:confused: wow…:eek:

organic and non-organic at the same time:

Well, pay pal does take a small cut which brings me to something different …
Those of you who cater to corporations (mostly for training sessions and not so much modeling) know that you will get payed by credit card. So, once a web presence is set up you also need to register a matching paypal account to maintain consistency between the company name and paypal.

In killers case, it would be a must to also register a paypal account that reads something like:
info at

p.s. i’ve added the z to not screw up your future business as Mr. Google will see this post sooner or later and then tell bad people about YOU!!!

p.s.s. hope pay pal makes thousands of $$$$ off you!

Killer, one last advice, this time a SERIOUS one: DON’T host your company page on your little linux box! Even at the early stages.

No way man. Your in Maryland, just drive on down to Ft. Meade and tell them jrs100000 sent you. Theyll hook you up with a private office and everything.

HEY jrs100000!
Thanks for sending me to Detroit … i enjoyed every minute of it (except for the fingerprinting at the airport).
If killer can’t make it, I’ll go to Ft. Meade too.
Usual fee. DD, flight plus hotel in advance and this time a rental car as well because Detroit’s taxi system sucked (from a Vancouver point of view) but then again … that’s not your fault!

Just be sure to get there early. Last time were handing out big envelopes full of cash to everyone working on “Operation Fake Mars Landing”, but they ran out while I was in the bathroom :frowning: They felt really bad about it tho, so they let me meet the space aliens. Wow, those crazy little guys sure know how to party!

Yeah but man, their dancing sucked!

I don’t think we should tell [killer] about the “kickbacks” yet because then EVERYBODY will open their own graphics studio and then what? It puts little guys like me right out of business because competition would be just too tough!

P.S. I would have gotten there early but changing planes in Chicago made me realize that they need a completely new airport design … anyway, couldn’t find a power plugin for my laptop so … no new airport for Chicago. There goes another 300 grand … now i’m sad!

Good point. We dont want to end up like the guys we replaced. I hear they have to give Dick Cheney foot rubs all day for a measly 500 grand a year.

while this is fun, I do have to go. Bill is hosting a party for all designers who worked on the media player 13 beta interface. The cool thing is that the shortcut key for playing wm media files will be F12 because a lot of users out there are already familiar with it
The chopper is coming … gotta send this and turn my blackberry off… ciao!

why did he choose theanimatedartist?
isn’t he theanimatingartist? ^^

And whos the second one from austria here?
and i thought i am unique ^^

Because in video tutorials I’m shooting I’m going to put in a 3d artist to teach you. So he’s going to be my avatar for business.

That would be me (born and raised in Burgenland)