Now there's nifty 3D game design software for kids, look what I made Mommy!

Easy to use 3D game design software designed for kids in mind. Hey we already have scratch for kids to make simple 2D games with, now they can make 3D stuff too.

It does have some nice stuff in it, but I think once someone gets experienced in other game engines, this one would look a bit like a kiddy tool. But this would be great software for kids to get their feet wet in 3D and game design for the first time. And then go to other more challenging engines like our beloved BGE.:wink:

Well how-you-doin… I think sometime within the next few years there will be an awesome make game button… maybe a game with a MIC on it—

“Make the little castle doohikki bigger and move it to the left” LOL

“that tree needs less leaves”

How cool is it that they are making this stuff…


I think its supposed to be a “kiddy tool”…

Its a kid-friendly fork of the Sauerbraten fps shooter.
The focus is less the “kill it if it moves deathmatch” and more “build stuff and run around in it”