NPBR Winter Landscape

So this was a labor of love and part of some of the class work I have been doing this year with CG Cookie. The assignment was to create a stylized Forrest with a “Hero Tree” in it. So far I’m the only one to attempt to make a winter scene, and although I ran into some bumps along the way. I am very please with the results!

The bare trees I made by combining a voronoi node into the mix with my material shader. Then I was able to duplicate it and adjust the positioning with a mapping node for more variety. The rocks were made by using a Cube with a bevel, subdivision, and displacement modifier. Some of the snow was simple spheres I reshaped with the sculpting Grab brush, and the rest was made using the free add-on “Real Snow” by wolf. Although, I think it added a large number of unwanted vertices to the scene, and probably would either make them by hand or procedurally next time but overall its a great add-on. The sun is actually a sphere with an emissions node plugged into a blackbody node. And all the animals (Geese, Deer, Rabbit) are transparent PNG’s. The speckles in the rocks were also made by adding a voronoi node, as well as the pattern for the mountains. The “color spill” happening on the mountain was made by adding a gradient texture to it. I used the eevee renderer for all of it.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh wow! I’m flattered!

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