Nuclear Cooling Towers

This is an early WIP that i am going to put alot of effort into. Right now i’m most concerned with scale and if the towers are too curved. Comments welcome.


Old One


The bottom should be wider than the top.

couldn’t have said it better!


This will most definitely sound harsh, but I speak from experience:

I know that Blender now has Ambient Occlusion, but that doesn’t mean that you should render early WIPs with the technique enabled. While very simple modeling can look stunning when textured properly, AO should not be used on simple, untextured models. It looks like you have a good start on this model, but when you render, first make sure that things look good without any effects applied.

When I model with subdivision surfaces, I make sure that my models look right without any subdivision applied. They don’t need to look rounded and perfectly curved, but they do need to be recognizable. Similarly, before you render with AO, render with it off and get your scene looking good. Then, when you add AO, your scene will look excellent.


Meestaplu, That makes perfect sense, but since i’m still modelling I havn’t properly lighted the scene and the AO is a quick way to make it so that the lighting wont take away from any crits about modelling. That being said, my new picture has some light besides the AO.

I remade the towers using a template, and looking at the picture after posting it, noticed that they are not sitting on the base correctly. I will fix it later. Does the building that the pipes come from look to scale with the towers?


I was thinking that the building could be smaller in relation to the towers, but you may be able to get a better sense of scale by putting in parking places or trees that people can relate to.

This is a great job :smiley: As for the AO, I have no comments, who cares.

The towers look about right to me, although I have no reference pics to look at at the moment :frowning:
By the way I like the Ambient Occlusion render, I need to start using that feature more.

update: added reactors, a power tree thing, and i added raods but they looked too bad so i decided to not include them.


Excellent work!!!