Nuclear site , WIP looking for ideas

so i am making this render right now and i am pretty much out of ideas…
any ideas on what to add for the scene to make it less boring?

Perhaps you could add a character with wire cutters entering the area about 10 meters away from the fence?

I’m wondering, why there is a forest so close to the plant. Usually the site inside of the fence is quite clear. I can see the cooling towers, but not the reactor. The tower in the back left has a crane nearby, which indicates, that some repairs are being done. So this tower should be turned off.

As Timo already mentioned, you might also add some element explaining the hole in the fence.

Another thing you might adjust is the color of the mist. It doesn’t really fit the color of the sky. If you adjust one of both, it will look more integrated.

thanks for replying. so i removed the smoke from the tower with the crane and added a character resting on the concrete wall.
there is a forest near the plant mainly because I am lazy and i wanted to finish this render quick :sweat_smile:

any critiques?
maybe i should move the character to the center of the image and make it looks like he’s walking towards the towers?

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I think that both the scale and the color of the emissions are unrealistic. The only thing that ever comes from the top of a cooling-tower is water vapor. The geometric shape of the tower is intended to create natural updrafts to flow over the hot coils inside, which causes vapor to condense. The emissions would therefore be white, and much less tumultuous than shown here.

The handling of the towers in the second photo is definitely better, with or without the human figure.