Nude female (WIP!)

(blendererot) #1

I was not very happy with the way the Poser models looked, lots of poly’s, and what a bitch to texture, so I started working on a model of my own, just thought I would post it and get everyones opinion so far. Rembember she is a work in progress.


(BgDM) #2

Nice start!

Needs some tweeking in the hip and upped leg area. Hips seem to be too far apart right now. Other than that, looking good.


(ChooDaddy) #3

Ahhhh… The PERFECT woman. :smiley: Sorry, had to say it. Very nice start.


(acasto) #4

nice start… keep us updated. I must say if there is flaws, they wouldn’t jump out at you right away…lol!

(rndrdbrian) #5

The, um boobage looks a little odd. There seems to be a rather large gap between each boob…

(o Y o)

^^^^^ Thats how they should look


(SKPjason) #6

At the risk of being called a pervert (like that’s ever stopped me before…) I think the niples need to be fattened up a bit - they just seem to small… like pieces of corn…

I do however think your pubic bone and hip area is fantastically modeled… very warm and sensuous.

Great work, please keep us updated on your progress.


(blendererot) #7

for the responses, I will update as I make progress on her