(NUDITY) Poisoned youth (Update P 2 - background ideas)


just a little something i spashed down. hopefully i’ll correct crummy lower half anatomy and get some better depth going on when i return from wedding this weekend. comments please :smiley:

ugghh… thats quite a mean image. Well done though, and a nice idea!
Only the syringe (sp?) could stand out more. And maybe she should use her thumb to press in the syringe instead of her whole hand, just to show more of it. Of course using the whole hand looks meaner.

I dont’ know, it looks like there is a thumb pushing the needle, just that the rest of the hand is a bit deformed, maybe I’m wrong. But, that’s the great thing about abstract art, it’s all in the interperitation.

Very interesting image, what inspired you to make it?

Thanks! Erm… . couple of things, ex - girlfriend partly, but mostly from the horror stories my mother has endured as a midwife. some scary stupid people around, i tell you!

ah… stay safe kids …


starting to refine the head

might have gone a bit far here… ill try start on the rest of the body now

This is a sick concept. I love it.

I don’t think you have gone too far with the head at all. She looks poisoned, which to me, would be transfered to the unborn child. Thus the poisoned youth. I would even maybe push it a bit more to make her look more decrepid.


looks good man, but I think the base of the skull should be more defined.


okay, fleshed out the base of the skull a bit, and twiddled her features some, she now has a better mix between the top “i dont even care” expression and the second “wah wah wah im so sad” expression. Unfortunatley i lost some of the tricky veins and stuff i had painted in the process, but thats okay, as i think im going to need to re-roughen the whole image again to get the grittiness and the depth back, i always loose that in the detail phase.

looking good. what program are you using btw? dogwaffle? corel?

the last pic is beautiful!

i find this work very interesting and inspiring.

good work.

I’m using photoshop with a wacom intuos 2.

thanks for the feedback guys!


bit more work.


Wow looking good… keep it up! :smiley:

Fantastic work as always dude. Loving this one.


i’m thinking of tying something along these lines into the image, of course, i’d paint my own foetus instead of stealing one of google :wink:


The first picture would perfectly fit into DC Comics’ Vertigo line. It still would, but now rather as a cover than inside. So, I like it. :slight_smile:



i dont think anyone cares, lol, but im still going.


This is great.

I am not sure that the floating feotus is working in the image though. It is very distracting to my eye. I think you are getting the imagery across without it in the image.

Just my $0.02.