Nuke cannot undestand Noisy pass

Hi! I have question - i rendering picture with denoise. And will need to compositing in Nuke. But my compositing artist say what Nuke havent denoiser. If I rendering without denoiser, picture will coll in 750 samples, if with denoiser - enough 200-150 samples. How to rendering in blender with denoiser if Nuke cannot work with noisy pass?

With denoiser 200 samples

withoiut denoiser 500 samples 500s без денойзера

Which denoiser do you mean, the new one in 2.81? Nuke doesn’t do anything with that data pass, you must apply denoise inside Blender.

Nuke has a denosier build in and a some plugin denosier, problem is more rearranging Blenders image output to Nuke style.
PS: Blender only denoises the RGB channel, which is very common and identical to other render. However to get the true power of denoising its recommend to split up your images in different outputs and then only denoise the noise ones, separately and with care.

I just posted something about that. Here’s the setup for assembling the different passes in Nuke. Make sure you update the latest crypto matte plugin. You can also use the denoiser in comp in Blender on all passes separately. Hell of a setup but possible. If I have time I’ll make a template this weekend.

compSetup3DBlender.nk (17.2 KB)

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Thanks, that’s really helpful.

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didnt understand, how it works?

Hallo Funnybob

any chance you ve already found the time for an example on how to denoise all passes (aov) for comp in Blender directly? That would be so handy if this is possible.

Thank you very much.


Oh! I completely forgot about that. Check this out: