Nuke scene

First Post! Yay!!

      I wish I had more time to work on this, but thanks to siblings, it will not be easy. So yeah, I'm thirteen, and I've been playing around with Blender for a while and have had quite a few ideas that would be worth taking the time to put into action. 

     This one render is not much more than a test of the Cloud Generator. I know it could be better, and I plan on making it better, like by adding various details such as flying debris or something of the kind, improving the nuke, and adding some more decorations to the overall scene. I only had about one or two hours to work on this, so I will definitely improve it in the future. Any feedback and/or suggestions are appreciated.

     By the way, I know the ground is tilted, for I was planning to have some kind of damaged-camera kind of effect when the scene was finished, but I forgot about it when rendering,'s....all tilted now :P .


It looks good for starting out! The biggest problem is your use of textures, though. They make the render look like a video game, and the lack of detail adds to this also… Have you tried using normal maps or displacements maps instead? Also, it would look cool if the light came from the cloud. You could just put a point light inside it to create that effect, and use node for some glare :wink:

Looks like a great start and you seem to have a good direction, I’ll look forward more!

Welcome and hooray for being only 13!

I think I’ll be cancelling this one…I don’t think I have enough time access to finish this or any big project. I’ll take my time to get used to all the features Blender has to offer, then I’ll move on to bigger projects.