numerical shortcuts not avail on MAC?

since there is no number pad on mac keyboard, i couldn’t use those numerical shortcuts on mac. Are there any substituites for those shortcuts in MAC? i tried to search some info in the internet which said m,n,k,l = 1,2,3,4 but it didn’t work.

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In User Preferences > Input, enable the “Emulate Numpad” checkbox and you can use the top row number buttons.

Thanks a lot! you’re awesome!

sorry one more question, how to zoom in/out the object if using mac’s mouse which doesn’t have wheel in the middle?

File / User Preferences / Input, enable ‘Emulate 3 Button Mouse’, save your user settings
This will make RMB = Alt+LMB

Thanks for your reply!
btw, when i added some texture on my objects then rendered it, the pixel on my pic or movie is so low that i can see some spots on it. I tried to output in different format (jpeg, png, mpeg, avi raw, etc.) but got the same result. However, i tried to render it without adding any texture and found that there is no spot on my pic and the quality of my pic/movie is good. Thus, i doubted if i need to adjust any setting on output after adding texture and then render it. Is there anyone encountering this problem before? how to solve it?

If you need help please supply as much info as possible, what you have given here is pretty much worthless. We know nothing about your scene, your texture, your lighting, your objects mesh, your render settings etc etc etc. We would have to reconstruct all those things from that little info supplied to give a reasoned answer !

Post questions in the correct forum (you don’t need to use a single thread for questions covering 1001 different issues)
Please include annotated screenshots showing EXACTLY what the problem is.
Please ALWAYS supply a link to your blend file and and any textures in your post

I already opened a new post of my question in another forum (i.e. Lighting & rendering) with adding screenshots but I don’t know how to convert a link to my blend file. Would you mind teaching me how to create a link of my blend file?

You can upload your .blend file to