Nurbana integration and new GUI?

Will the new (2.42) version of Blender include the new Nurbs (SOC '05 Nurbana integration) and will it contain the new GUI?

The next version will look pretty much like what you see now in CVS.

Yeah it’s quite confusing. A while ago there was somewhere posted or written that Blender would include the Nurbana for nurbs or something and a redesigned GUI. Now it aint that important to me, but I see ofthen those questions appearing again on BlenderArtists. Could someone inform the community what happened with those ideas? cause I thought it was officially being reported on the old website. Also if everyone knows, those questions won’t be posted again here. :slight_smile:

This is a quote from an e-mail send to the bf-committers mailing list.

The new gui was put on hold because it’s lead developer (Matt Ebb) was way too busy with the orange project; I think he’s started work on it again, but I have no idea if any of it makes it into 2.42 (probably not- needs lots of work and testing)

Okay, thanks everyone.
Let’s hope those projects are done soon.