NURBS (Is there an order?)

I’m having a problem that when I join the Nurbs and then skin them for some reason number surftube.004 (originally .013) seems to still be pick up as the last nurb created even though it was renamed. I created all the nurbs and decided to add this one to give me some more detail. Is there a way to re order the nurbs just renaming them does not seem to work.

Cheers Kordo.


It looks like you haven’t yet joined .004 to the other object.


Thanks Fligh,

Got me thinking and went through the steps again. Realized I was missing one.

A – select all.
Ctrl & J – join all
TAB – edit mode
A – select all (this was the step I missed)
Crtl & F – create skin

Is there a way to flip normals before converting it to a mesh?