NURBS resolution inconsistency

I seem to have found an inconsistency with the display resolution of NURBS when in wireframe mode. I think my diagram here explains it well enough. Changing the preview resolution from the defaults and then back again results in a different on-screen resolution from what the defaults were.

(Please click the image to expand)

Is this a bug or am I unaware of something? Am using Blender 2.54.

I don’t think that the full resolution is shown on creation. You can just click it up one level and back down and get the same thing, no need to make an extreme change to see it. It is a display problem, not sure if it is a big one though.

Cheers ajm. No, it’s not a biggie but it is something which could confuse newbie-to-NURBS learners. I did report it and at this point it looks like it’s being assigned for someone to fix (bug#24280).

Devs report they’re now fixing this for svn rev32514.

nice but where are tne new Nurbs tools?

would be a lot better then the old 2.49 things!

by the way we are already at 529 !
so has it been done already ?

happy 2.54