Nuts and Glory (Shortanimation)

I created this with the Blender animaiton course Alive! by P2Design/PIerrick Picuat but change the Story a bit. XD

I started with the Blender Alive! course by Pierrick Picaut in April 2022 because I wanted to improve my animation skills. I had already created some short animations but realised that something was missing, they looked very amateurish and I wanted to improve.
From my previous studies I also learnt that you should also create something different and not just build everything that is presented in the tutorial/course, bring in your own ideas, expand your own experiences and show that you are deepening what you have learnt.
So I talked to my mate DennisPerSecond that I wanted to create a fantasy-like animaiton and he told me that there are red and black squirrels that fight for territories. So based on Pierrick’s squirrel for the animation practice I created the different squirrels in this animation, with armour and weapons, created a small storyboard of the basic idea and created different animations, which were then merged in the NLA editor.

As always big thanks to my Team!
Sound designer: Luis Delpt
Voice actors: Andy Mühlhoff and Anja Klukas

Turnarounds to the different squirrels on artstation (Cant upload becuse its bigger than 5MB)


… and the only thing that made me sit up and say: “Wait, THAT’s not realistic!” is that the note produced by the horn (trumpet) was far too low for the size of squirrels. :rofl:

Other than that, I could detect no differences between this animation, and all of the medieval squirrel battles that I have witnessed.

Great job! Thanks for sharing this! :smiley:


Thanks, nice to hear. ^^

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I loved the horn sound like ‘tripods’ from ‘war of the worlds’ 2005 film .

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I’m just starting to update my Blender Artists profile and already 2 posts are Best of Blender 2024-18. XD
Thank you very much, that makes me very happy!

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You’re on the featured row! :+1:

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