NV22 21-22: Grey Goo

I decided to use eevee this time. It got a bit slow when I added in the volumetrics, but was surprisingly fast as long as I left all of the vertex-dense instances unealized.

When I said vertex-dense, I really meant it! The hard surface modeling was done with sdfs, so it required a moderately high resolution to maintain a high quality. If this were a normal project, I’d retopologize it, but this is nodevember. I actually did try to shrinkwrap a uv sphere onto it to give it a better topology, but it ended up slowing it down, and the effect was barely noticeable.

I used a raycast setup to keep the legs on the terrain. This was probably the most challenging part to get right. The effect takes place before the curves are converted to a mesh, so it works dynamically with any number of points.

Here’s the free project file:


Lovely atmospherics in shot 2…

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Thanks, @AlphaChannel!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much!

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