NVIDIA OptiX Denoiser and Cycles?

Any news about BF work in this direction,because all popular renders already have it,when it will be in Cycles?

None, as currently they are working hard on implementing all the features from 2.79 into 2.8 and getting that ready for Blender Conference - Beta release. Then they’ll work on fixing remaining bugs, and after that I expect some move in this area.

Another option is to pay someone to develop it.

outisde of that we’re in wait mode.

and mostly all of them experience lot of bugs…

i’ll wait for dust to settle down, tech and code to stabilize & optimize
but until then, when a need arise (which is prety rare, since Cycles denoiser is damn fine :smiley: ), i use a standalone version:

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Just saw this tweet


Is there a chance to test this OptiX denoiser on Blender 2.8? I´d like to use it to test some water scenes.

You got the link to the Stand Alone version posted above - follow it… as thoughts shared might interest you.
… although, few months ago, an automation was written to bridge the manual work and is hosted openly on GitHub as an add-on.

I went to github. So what do I do with the .py addon? Drag drop the folder inside Blender addons and add the addon on the user preferences?
Is that the correct way to install what´s on Github?
Thanks for your reply.

Hello there!
At the bottom of the GitHub page is a download link pointing to a zip archive on my google drive. You must download the entire zip file, and not only the python script, or it won’t work.
Anyway, here is the direct download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10WNZuG4oaMIyLn0Klay7_DpZw5GzYHGF
Once you have the zip, go to preferences -> addons -> install addon, and then select the whole, non-extracted zip file.

any chance to get this gem for 2.8 beta?

Hi everyone!
I have updated OptiX Denoiser to Blender 2.80 Beta.
It’s a fork from original @troopy28 addon.
You can find it here: Optix Denoiser for Blender 2.80.
Replace the blender_optix_denoiser.py file in “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons” with my linked Github version.


The @RomanKornev version has been merged with the existing version, so now it effectively works in 2.8 too. You can also download it directly from there https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10WNZuG4oaMIyLn0Klay7_DpZw5GzYHGF as before.


Is there a difference between this version of the Optix Denoiser for Blender and this one?