NVIDIA shows off world's fastest GPU, gives it a stupid name (again)

In a move that should come as a shocking surprise to no one, the marketing department at NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) once again chose a confusing name for the new “world’s fastest GPU”:

Titan Xp

The new Titan Xp (Pascal architecture) is not to be confused with the earlier Titan X (Pascal architecture) which has been dubbed “Titan XP” by various outlets, to avoid confusion with the older Titan X (Maxwell architecture).

With improved clockspeeds, core counts and memory bandwidth, this new inanely named GPU offers a slight advantage over its similarly named predecessor, replacing it at the same price of 1200$.

Despite its name, this new product will not be supported on Windows XP.

For PRO users the naming won’t be a problem. But why not go for 16GB? Does anyone game on a $1200 card anyway?

If the name is the biggest complaint, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

spoiled children with a lot of money i guess

explains the “gamery” aesthetic of the card(It does look balance the aesthetic by not going overboard unlike… other ones…)

There are comments at various tech. sites saying that Nvidia timed its launch horribly.

The reasoning for that is that a lot of people who were seeking a GPU upgrade due to advances in power efficiency and overall performance (and are Nvidia fans to boot), already have at least 1 or 2 GTX 1080 cards. You would be insane to spend another 1200 bucks to replace that already powerful card with one that might give a little more boost at most (especially if you buy 2 or even 4 at a time).

Then again, Nvidia knows they will sell a lot of them because a lot of gamers see bragging rights as more important than the exercising of common sense when it comes to spending money (and Nvidia knows that, that’s why they do these things).