Nvidia Tesla K10 to improve Render Times

Hi community!. I found Nvidia Tesla k10 is damn cheap (about $90), I know is very old archiecture but is far cheaper than a any RTX or GTX card I own a modest Quadro K2000 and a i7 4770k, the render times I get is about 1hr per fame on simple scenes. I would like to know if this card has any noticeable impact on Cycles and Eevee ?.

shown as a bit slower than GTX 780, so for that price i’d think it’s a decent deal

Quadros are generally very problematic cards, especially the old ones, due to specialized drivers. Save yourself trouble and if you have $90 to spend, add $10-$15 more and get yourself used GTX970 on ebay. It’s a very good card.

I got quadro & in my experience it’s far from problematic.
Although i only do computing and viz production (for print/video 10bits+ display a must). No gaming.

Actually, nevermind. I misread. It’s not a Quadro but a Tesla. Those cards do not even have any video output:

I think I personally would not risk it. It seems specialized for specific workloads:

So GTX970 for the similar price would be much safer bet. On top of it, it will also be able to accelerate Eevee, which is more in line with game engine renderers.

That is not much of an issue when they’re used just for rendering. The bigger problem is that they’re designed to rely on the airflow of specialized server cases. If you just plug them into a desktop case, as is, they’re likely to overheat.

Thanks guys, On this video they connect 2 older Teslas (2070) on a PC and the have great results.
I wonder if Tesla K10 can do better.
In other thing, I don like old Geforce’s, the’re are pretty unestable, and as I know Teslas and Quadros are to use 24/7. For render my old Quadro is crap, but still cranks pretty well on Maya and Softimage viewport, and more or less in Blender.

Yes, they also run headless (no vRAM reserved for display) and some have passive cooling. But since they’re intended for computing (no intensive gaming real time stuff) as long as you have good air-flow in your box, you’re good to go. Seen RedShift users using some… just take a look around :wink:

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Thanks dude!