Nvidia Titan X, 12 GB VRAM


The future is looking good for GPU rendering. Although, I’m not too happy with Nvidia and their driver support for older cards. My gtx 580 crashes all the time on recent drivers.

Considering how fast Nvidia is pushing forward, it doesn’t surprise me that their newest drivers don’t really work well with older cards; Their focus is on the future.

Anyway: Those are insane specs - It’s going to be expensive.

They ceased caring not long after the cards were released. The lack of competition in GPU’s is an issue, still these increasing RAM sizes are really great news for us CG artists.

Damn, I better start saving up now… maybe I can get a used one on eBay in 3 years XD

i cri :frowning: i cri so hard

Will this be “real” 12 GB or two sli-ed 6GB cards in one package? Sorry if this is a stupid question but my fear, that I’ll quickly run out of vRam has been the reason why I didn’t invest in a decent GPU yet.

it will not be SLI:ed 12GB, that’s the Geforce Titan Z
I have saved up for this moment to replace my 3 , 2nd hand 580s 3gb which overheats easy :stuck_out_tongue:

The Titan X will be able to disable fans and use passive cooling while not doing gaming/3DCC which is gonna be sooooo sweet. silence.

it’s rumored to be around $1350, albeit the other titans sold for $1000 roughly.

now the final reveal, if it’s gonna have 3072 cores or not. if so it’s 50% more than Titan Black.

What kind of effects can you do in real time with something like that?

I really think blender needs to work on a better realtime viewport system
I cant do open GL renders or you see all the lights and empties etc.

Looking forward to see how this guy will benchmark with blender.

So im guessing you didnt enable show render only?

i think they’re working on stuff. like SSAO and DOF for viewport: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Psy-Fi/Framebuffer_Post-processing

Yes, you can. If you OpenGL-Render from a viewport, you need to enable “Only Render” in Display settings. If you OpenGL-Render an animation, empties etc. are not rendered either.


I did not know about that !

Hi BluePrint,

maybe this series is interesting for you.

That is amazing!
Happy tears…
Now… I need to get it working in the BGE… and with VBO and instancing!

yes… follow this series and it will give you some inspiration of what can be done with ogl realtime rendering in blender. Great tutorials and it can help a lot. In BGE it is quite similar I believe. Instancing I don`t know. By the way there are a lot of cool things for BGE… shader, scripts, etc…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cc_4Rko7Q0 I dont know lot about it but maybe also interesting.

Yeah I have seen those tech demos,

I wish they would make a whole game, and be successful at it.

We need examples floating around of what is possible.

Also, instancing is possible in openGL… my game will be made of
many shapes repeated over and over that have LOD. however VBO and instancing
are not currently supported,

one trick is to make 1 huge mesh and then move its faces to populate other objects faces that are invisible, its cumbersome, but then it all is 1 draw call, you also have to use a atlas and offset each uv on each triangle.

I wish I could just use dupligroups and have openGL done automagically.

ahhh o.k.

understand what you need. Sorry. Im realy not BGE person. I know BGE is not unity but not bad. For sure there are lots of things that are not possible at the moment.. but I think the time will come. And great games dont need photorealistic real time renderings in my opinion. Don`t know…I mean imagination is much more worth than a realistic looking game. Think imagination is a big thing we all lost since everything needs to be looking photorealistic and perfect…


thats of topic… sorry

I dont want photo real, but I also dont want nintendo 64,

I really want something like chrono trigger future but 3d, and detailed.

almost about like a disney version of fallout, with a touch of violence still.

however I can do it right now by spanning multiple scenes, I would rather avoid that if I can.

I’m wondering if nvidia releases a 12GB Titan whether or not we’ll ever see 8GB GTX 980s or 7GB (useful) GTX 970s? Thoughts?