nXain's Ideation

I’m starting this thread to post various Blender WIPs and experiments for critique, especially as I’m starting to tackle more advanced Blender projects.

My subject areas are pretty broad - I’m a fine artist and game developer (designer / producer - not a production artist). I’ve also been known to make illustrations, UIs and videos / motion graphics as needed. My current main areas of exploration are in creating fine art types of projects with Blender where the end-products are giclee prints and the Unity runtime 3D content pipeline for various small game-related projects.

Flow Study

Below are 3 renders (reduced in size) from my current project - a study of flow, lines, materials and composition. The original concept is based on a project I did years ago where I photographed paper strips I had rolled around a pencil and then laid out on the table. I then used the photograph to create an oil on masonite painting. I was never happy with the painting (I didn’t have the skill yet to do it right), but I thought the basic concept was strong and should be revisited.

The final project output will be be a 360 dpi giclee print, using the AdobeRGB color profile. These small versions are showing compression pretty bad from the upload to the forum.